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A Play-Based Gym for Kids to Rocket to Their Full Potential through p(positivity), l (love), a (affirmations), and celebrating (y)ou!

Ready, Set, Play!

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A Place for Kids to be Kids!

Luna P.L.A.Y Kids is your local, mobile activity centre offering a number of fun play-based programs in Chestermere & Langdon.


All programs include a focus on fundamental movement skills, character building, skill building, age appropriate programming , positive and enthusiastic coaches & we LOVE disguising fitness as fun!


We keep things fun & exciting with an array of combo programs to keep your child on their toes, & wanting more!


Through play, fun, imagination, positivity, and skill acquisition, coaches at Luna P.L.A.Y are specially trained to help ensure your kids are supported!

What’s P.LA.Y?

P.L.A.Y stands for Physical Literacy and You! Physical literacy is the competence, confidence and motivation for kids to remain active, even through adulthood.


Kids learn through play, so we keep things fun so kids build a strong connection to physical activity. After all, living an active life is linked to many positive benefits!

P.L.A.Y also stands for Positivity, Love, Affirmations,  and Youth.

We fill these are the cornerstones to helping kids are rocket to their full potential!

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More than gymnastics! Play-Nastix is a play-based, physical literacy & gymnastics program. Our gymnastics programs are well-rounded and often include non-traditional activities such as sports, karate, art, yoga, etc.


Play-Ball! is a musically-driven, multi-sport & physical literacy program that takes a unique approach to introduce kids to different types of balls in a multi-sport environment.

Think family dance party! Make your days brighter with this fun, music, and movement class where you are guaranteed to twinkle with sweat & joy.

Happy Family

Yoga, DANCEPL3Y, and Art round out this program for fun, zen and play all in one class! Each week a different yogic philosophy such as treating others kindly, or cleaning up after ourselves is presented in a kid-friendly way.

Beauty Time

Happy Birthday! Birthdays are extra special here at Luna P.L.A.Y! We love to celebrate the lives of little ones, and it is always an honour to be a part of the special day! Fun themes available such as ninja, spa, slime and more!


Kids Night Out! Drop your kids off for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted playtime! This fun monthly event changes themes every month!



Andrea Harrison

​​"My daughter loves Coach Tracys programs. Coach Tracy is creative and has a genuine love for kids and play. Amazing opportunities for your littles to be active and learn new skills!"