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Out of this world programs for kids ages 0-9 years!

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Play-Nastix (1y-9y)

More than gymnastics! Play-Nastix is a play-based, physical literacy & gymnastics program. Classes include music, fun themes, storyline/imagination, tumbling, fun games. 

This is our foundational program, and we suggest you start here!


We put a special emphasis on developing children’s fundamental movement skills such as skipping, galloping, hopping, and twisting. These are building blocks for kids to enjoy movement as they grow older! Independent gymnastics classes also include intention life-skill breaks where we talk about kindness, working hard, diversity, and more!


-Star Crawlers is our free play based play-nastix program for 6-12 mos

-Astro Walkers is our free play based play-nastix program for ages 1-2y.

-Comet Tots is our semi-structured  toddler parented program for ages 2-3y

-Rocket Kids is our  structured preschool, independent program for 3-5y

-Star Kids/Tumble Stars is our more advanced gymnastics, tumbling and dance program for kids who are ready for more for ages 5y+



Ninja-Nastix! is beginner-level, P.L.A.Y (physical literacy) program, that includes gymnastics, fitness, parkour, and basic karate.  Ninja kids will get everything from the regular gymnastics program but with an extra kick!

This class is designed to be fun and active for the kids as they build physical, social, cognitive and emotional skills through play. Each class incorporates social-emotional learning life skills such as being positive, being kind, to help the kids become well-rounded ninjas.

We offer this as a one-hour express class, or 2 hour Ninja school class!


We LOVE combo programs! We can't get enough!


Sports-Nastix!, is a beginner level, P.L.A.Y (physical literacy) program, that combines ball sports and gymnastic skills. Kids learn the fundamentals of movement through, basic gymnastic skills, tumbling, age-appropriate games, music/dance, a different ball sport of the week (basketball, soccer, football, hockey, & volleyball) and play.

This class is offered for 4+ years, unparented.


Art-Nastix is a beginner-friendly, P.L.A.Y (physical literacy) program, that combines gymnastics and craft. Kids learn the fundamentals of movement & independence through, basic gymnastic skills, tumbling, age-appropriate games, music/dance and play.

A take-home craft will be included in each class.



Play-Ball! is a multi-sport & physical literacy program that takes a unique approach to introduce kids to different types of fundamental movement skills, in a multi-sport environment.  The kids warm up with drama, or dance, before moving into some sport-specific skills. Each week a different sport (basketball, soccer, football, hockey, & volleyball) and accompanying music &  dance will be introduced in a fun, engaging way. Designed to keep the kids moving, this class is sure to keep you kid wanting more!


Think family dance party! Make your days brighter with this fun, music, and movement class where you are guaranteed to twinkle with sweat & joy. Sing, Dance, and play as you bond with your child. Created by Zumba and Baby First the Zumbini programs combines music, dance, and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t stop, won’t stop fun.


This class is unstructured as we allow the kids to move around the space, and explore movement in their own unique way, This class includes a take-home music bundle so kids can continue the singing/dancing at home!


kids yoga 

Yoga, Dance (DANCEPL3Y) and Art round out this program for fun, zen and play all in one class! Each week a different yogic philosophy such as treating others kindly, or cleaning up after ourselves is presented in a kid-friendly way. This is an ACTIVE class that includes a great balance between heart-pumping activities as well as mindfulness and meditation. This is the perfect class if your child is struggling with identifying or regulating emotions. This creative program is perfect for curious minds!

This class is offered for 4+ years, unparented.



Happy Birthday! Birthdays are extra special here at Luna P.L.A.Y! We love to celebrate the lives of little ones, and it is always an honour to be a part of the special day!


We have over 500 parties under our belt and our experienced coaches are guaranteed to give you a fun, stress-free party! We have a variety of packages available such as Playnastix, sports, glow-yoga, spa-party, slime party, and more! Parties can be done via mobile in a home, or we can rent a space for you!  Check out the links below. Email us to schedule!

Pink Birthday Cake

Kids-Night-Out Events/preschool party!

Kids Night Out: Drop your kids off for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted playtime! This fun monthly event changes themes every month! Grownups take the evening off or go on a date, we got you covered. This event also includes dinner (pizza/chicken fingers). Some themes we have had in the past are glow yoga, tie-dye shirts, paw patrol, spa night, Valentine's movie night and more! These ALWAYS get raving reviews, and sell out quickly!

Preschool party: These 2 hour, daytime events are a blast! Fun themes such as paw patrol and under the sea, the kids get to work on independence in a longer-theme-based event!

Check out the registration portal "Special events" tab to see what's coming next!



Summer Camp. Winter Camp. Spring Break Camp. We got you covered. These fun camps are designed to get the kids moving! With fun weekly themes, the kids get to explore a variety of activities, while meeting and making new friends!

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