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mental development


We love to serve! Through play, fun, imagination, positivity, and skill acquisition coaches are Luna P.L.A.Y are specially trained to help ensure your kids are supported!

At Luna P.L.A.Y kids we don’t just teach physical skills-we believe in whole child development through play. Although we offer activity-specific classes such as gymnastics, our goal is to give kids a well-rounded introduction to the sport. Luna P.L.A.Y Kids offers cool combo programs-designed to keep your child moving and never bored!


Gymnastics classes may include lots of hand-eye coordination and ball catching drills,  sports classes will incorporate music, and our yoga classes are extremely play-focused with cardio activities and even art! Allowing kids to explore different activities at a young age, keeps things exciting and fresh, lessens the chance of kids burning out in one activity, leading to a better quality of life in adulthood!


We focus on developing physical literacy skills using fundamental movement skills (FMS). Physical literacy is when kids have developed the skills, confidence, and love of movement to be physically active for life. We use FMS movements such as running, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, falling, tumbling and more.


By focusing on FMS, we allow kids to develop foundational skills that will allow kids the best chance in future sports and active movement. Active kids—>active adults—-> healthier, happier life!


Emotions are cool. Kids are full of emotions (adults too!), and at Luna P.L.A.Y we understand that emotions sometimes run the show! All coaches are trained to manage the kids, set boundaries, all with love and care. We often tell the kids that emotions are okay, and work on different breath and mindfulness techniques to help the kids self-regulate! Talk about learning an important life skill!



We believe in the FUN first approach (after safety of course). Years of experience and research show that engaging themes, captivating storylines all help to encourage child imagination leading to greater skill aquisiton. Our changing weekly themes allow the kids to practice being creative. Developing creativity is linked to increased problem solving, confidence, and increased quality of life in adulthood.


Developing social skills in kids is SO important, dare I say the MOST important skill we teach!? Skills such as waiting for a turn, listening & following instructions, empathy for other people, trying something new even when scared, helping others, asking before we hug, learning life skills such as courage, positive self-talk, patience, working hard, the list goes on! In every single class, a different life skill is talked about, and the kids give examples to really hit the point home! Developing social skills at a young age is linked to a better quality of life.

The balance of physical, emotional, social and creativity skills creates, plus the play-based, fun first approach allows kids to link fun=fitness! Ready, set, go!



Physical activity is so much more than just physical activity. In fact, physical activity has been proven to have mental benefits such as improved cognitive function leading to better focus, & improved memory. There has also been proven effects for better sleep, improved self esteem and overall mood booster! These amazing effects can assist in kids in preparation to getting school ready!

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