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Thank you for your interest in a P.L.A.Y program! Please note, a registration confirmation email plus welcome email (send 3-5 days before your program) will include all the details below that you need to know.

Here they are at-a-glance!

Painted Space
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General Policies

  • After you register, you will receive a confirmation email, with any season-specific notes.

  • Unregistered, unpaid siblings are not allowed to participate in programming. For indoor classes, space is limited so if you must bring another child, email us beforehand so we can ensure there is space for additional children to sit off to the side.

  • No food is allowed at programming unless explicitly asked to bring food for a longer program or camp.

  • Please stay home if you are sick.

What to wear

  • For gymnastics, tighter-fitting clothing is recommended due to the nature of gymnastics. Leotards are not required. T-shirt/tank, shorts/ tights are acceptable. No jeans, or gum in class. Long hair must be tied up.

  • Bring a water bottle every week.

  • Indoor gymnastics requires kids to be barefoot, or grownups can provide their own grippy socks. Participating adults wear socks.

  • Bring clean, indoor, running shoes for any/all indoor programs.

Drop Off / Unparented programs

  • All combo classes (Sports-Nastix/Art-Nastix/Ninja-Nastix, Rocket Kids) are all unparented, meaning no active parent participation is required.

  • Our goal is to get each child playing independently. However, if after a few weeks, your child is still experiencing separation anxiety, please discuss with the coach to see if there's another program better suited for your child.

  • For indoor, unparented programs, due to limited space, grownups may be asked to wait in cars, lobby, or leave and come back. For outdoor classes, all grownups stay on the sidelines.

  • Notify us if your child is registered in an unparented program, but isn’t potty trained yet.

Parented Programs

  • Please note: Playnastix-Comet Tots, Astro, and Zumbini classes require ACTIVE parent participation. Please be ready to participate.

  • Only 1 grownup per child is allowed to participate during the class. Swapping grownups week to week is allowed.

Outdoor Programs

  • All Outdoor classes will be marked in the title. Spring/Summer session classes will run outdoors most days unless there is extreme smoke or significant rain/snow. You will be notified via email of any changes.

  • Read the class title to determine if your class is parented, or not. ALL (45 min-60 min) outdoor classes require parents to remain on the sidelines. Longer programs (75 min+) will not require parents to stay on field-see welcome email with additional details.

  • We prefer that food isn’t brought to the fields, as there may be other adults or children present with allergies.

  • Kids will wear running shoes for outdoor programs only.

  • Location is listed in our parent portal, view the Register tab!

Registration, Refunds, Credits, Makeups

  • FEES: Please note there is a 20$ registration fee per child, up to 2 kids, added at checkout for session long classes.

  • We do charge tax upon checkout!

  • REFUND: Need a refund? Has your session started?

    • If yes, all refund requests are subject to a $50 withdrawal fee plus subtraction of any classes that have already passed (whether you've attended or not). You have the option to take credit for all future paid classes.

    • If no, refund requests that are within 14 days before the first class, are subject to a $50  withdrawal fee. You have the option to take full credit here, to be used for future classes.

  • Refund requests that are before 14 days before the first class, are subject to a $25 withdrawal fee. You have the option to take full credit here, to be used for future classes.

  • For birthday parties and special events, no refunds are allowed. We can reschedule, or put the amount as a credit minus our fee as stated above.

  • PRORATES: Our online system automatically prorates classes once the season has started. If you are registering late for a Saturday program, wait until Sunday or later to register to ensure the discount is applied.

Makeup classes

  • To be eligible for a makeup class, please report your absence via the online portal. Emails, texts, social media messages will not be accepted.

  • Makeup classes are now unlimited within a season. You can attend an already existing class anytime during the season, provided there's space. Check the online portal to see our schedule and email us with a date request to book you in.

  • Be sure to report your absence in the online portal in order to take advantage of makeup classes!

Pictures & Videos During Programs

  • For promotional purposes, there may be pictures and videos taken on your child for marketing purposes on social media, website, etc. If you do not agree to this, please visit your parent portal dashboard (under the Register page), select the drop-down menu that says "more"..."waiver & policies" and opt-out here. If you need assistance please email me at

  • No videos or pictures of other children may be captured during programming without full consent from families being pictured. Be mindful to only capture your child while capturing activity. Coaches may ask you to not take pictures/videos, up to their own discretion.

Painted Space_edited.jpg
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